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You and your team aim to be successful, especially in challenging times ?


You do not advance anymore, sense the inevitable need for change and aim to...

  • innovate new and sustainable business models.

  • establish a sustainable high performance- and innovation-culture.

  • promote existing talents and retain them in your company.

  • make better decisions and create freedom for responsibility.

  • anchor sustained business success on a broad basis.


We combine the latest scientific findings from intuition research with artificial intelligence to create practical methods.

Innovated in practice for practice.

Developed for your sustainable success















Your partner

for sustainable


Über mich


"I ignite the inner energy and empower individuals and complex teams on their path towards a sustainable future and extraordinary success."

After more than 22 years of leadership experience in an international environment, I am now observing that traditional management methods are reaching their limits in the current complex and unpredictable world. The well-known approaches for "better, further, higher and faster" no longer work. This inspired me to break new ground and innovate alternative methods.

My motto:

Effective transformation only works with deeply rooted and radically human approaches.

I connect different perspectives and enable a holistic view of the respective situation.

I use intuition-based methods and use artificial intelligence (AI) to make them visible and measurable in numbers, data and facts. I translate intuitive insights into actionable procedures.

The result:

High-performance teams and organizations, exceptional and sustainable corporate success.

My typical clients:

I focus my work on all those people and organizations in the industry who want to leave existing ways and take new paths:

  • Start-up and Scale-Up

  • Companies before or after an M&A transaction

  • Established companies in a complex environment

My expertise from which I draw:

  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering-Mechanical Engineering Vienna University of Technology / Austria and INSA Rouen / France

  • 22+ years of active international leadership experience in complex organizations in mechanical engineering and the chemical industry (start-ups, medium-sized companies to international corporations, privately owned, financial investor owned and stock-listed)

  • Collaboration and sparring partner with 20+ people from international C-level

  • International stays in the USA, Europe and Asia

  • Integral-Systemic Coach

  • My open mind to integrate different points of view

  • My heart energy for the sustainable and successful design of the emerging future

  • My passionate curiosity about interdisciplinary work with people

  • In my private life, I like to take off in my plane and gain new perspectives without losing touch with the ground.

Libelle als Zeichen für Transformation von Innen heraus
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