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Libelle als Zeichen der Transformation

"Those who act while others talk are a great step ahead in life.”

John F Kennedy

I know it only too well from my own experience: Plans have been made, the first steps have been taken and now doubts and thoughts arise that suddenly reduce the creative energy. Like the moon eclipsing the sun and shadowing the light. It is a natural element - and it happens again and again.


The new future is being created, the transformation is in full swing and is stalling. How about having an experienced mentor at your side right now?


I like to pass on my experience from my international management practice and support individuals, start-ups, newly created organizations and companies .


Just get in touch with me and let's discuss the scope of the mentoring. You can find my detailed expertise here:


Sometimes the sun is eclipsed by the moon. If you change your point of view, the clear view reappears.

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